2017 to 2022

First Year
Programming Languages TC-105

Second Year
Signals & Systems TC-204
Digital Logic Design TC-202

Third Year
Communication Systems TC-307
Telecommunication Networks TC-316   
Antenna & Microwave Engineering TC-313   
Wireless & Mobile Communication TC-314   
Optical Fiber Communication TC-315

Final Year
Satellite Communication TC-493
Digital Image Processing TC-424

2016 & Earlier

First Year
Basic Electronics EL-102
Programming with C Language TC-103
Engineering Drawing & Workshop TC-102
Fundamentals of Telecommunication Engineering TC-101
Basic Electrical Engineering EE-113

Second Year
Amplifier & Oscillator EL-236
Electrical Machine-I EE-241
Instrumentation EE-221
Digital Logic Design TC-201
Signals & Systems TC-204
Digital Logic Design TC -203
Signals & Systems TC-202
Electromagnetic Field EE-281
Digital Signal Processing TC-212

Third Year
Optical Fibre Communication TC-315
Antenna Microwave Engineering TC-313
Communication Electronics TC-334
Communication System- For CIS TC-383
Antenna Microwave Engineering TC-382
Communication Systems-1 TC-394
Digital Electronics EL-335
Digital Signal Processing (TC) EE-393
Electrical Filter EE-315
Linear Control System EE-372
Navigational Aids & Radar Systems TC-381
Digital Communication Information Theory TC-311
Wireless & Mobile Communication TC-387
Telecommunication Networks TC-316

Final Year
Telecommunication Management Networks TC-488
Communication Management TC-498
Multimedia Communication TC-497
Optical Fiber Communication TC-492
Satellite Communication TC-493
Telecommunication Switching System TC-485
Communication Sytems -II TC-492Navigational Aids & Radar Systems TC-481